the Gossip Girls

Blake och Leighton intervjuas i mars-numret av Vogue. I intervjun pratar de bland annat om kläderna, Leighton uttalar sig om att spela Blair och om hur de möter tittare. Ni missar väl inte ikväll?! Avsnitt fem är det dags för och det gillar jag.
Utdrag ur artikeln:

On the Gossip Girl wardrobe:
Leighton Meester: "We like to joke because it's such a fashiony show, like, 'What are you wearing? I'm in Channel, or Valentine-o."
Blake Lively: "It's just made me hungry for beautiful clothes because I get to wear them on set every day, and then I go home and buy them. So it's created a shopping problem. I must stop! where's Chanel?"

On meeting their fans
BL: "It's really amazing for me to come to these places and see the real-life people that we portray."
LM: "I've had fifteen-year-olds come up to me carrying Hermes bags."
BL: "One of them just walked up to Penn, put her arms around him, and gave him a hug. She was so confident!"

Leighton on playing Blair: "If you're playing a seventeen-year-old girl on TV, it's rare that you can have a character that has more than one dimension. It's weird because usually the bad girl is the b*tch, but my character's a good girl, and shes a b*tch."

On their audience:
BL: "I find it's mostly adults I get stopped by. They always have to preface it by 'I'm 35; I shouldn't be watching the show. . . .'"
LM: "Then they're like, with their boyfriend or their husband and they're like, 'Sorry, sorry, but I watch it, too."
BL: "It's funny how people feel like they have to confess it."



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