I'm fab!

Hittade det här testet hos Anita och var tvungen att testa mig själv.

7 - 14 : You're a fabulous femme

You’re confident, charismatic, and super-sexy, but you don’t flash it in everyone else’s face – that’s what makes you truly fab. Sure, you’ll toot your horn a little at an interview or dress to wow your new boyf’s friends, but you don’t try so hard to impress that you steal everyone else’s thunder.

Because you’re so secure, you don’t feel the need to bulldoze people to prove you’re worthy of getting what you want, says Julia Bourland, author of The Go-Girl Guide (amazon.com). For example, when your stylist gives you highlights that would even scare Pink, you feel entitled to a redo but ask for it nicely. Similarly, you don’t put guys through hell when they don’t give you 110 per cent of their attention. Still, you will give a distracted date a subtle reminder (“Waiter, a glass of your best merlot, please!”) that you’re worth your weight in golden mobile phone minutes. Cheers to you, sister!

Vilket inte är alldeles för långt från sanningen. Nog ett av de mer träffande testen jag gjort!


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